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Portable CCTV Tower

Revolutionise the way you monitor and secure your people, assets, and spaces with our true Portable CCTV Tower System.

  • Robust and Durable Design for Tough Outdoor Conditions
  • Solar-Powered with Infrared Night-Time Vision​
  • Wireless Operation on 4G Network for Remote Sites​
  • Phone and Web App Accessibility​
  • 24/7 Motion Detection Recording​
  • Cloud-Native AI and Analytics for Actionable Insights​​
  • Stand-Alone Solution or Seamless Integration with Existing Technology Systems

The Benefits

Proudly New Zealand Designed and Made

Reliable 3-Year Warranty

Leasing Options Available

Versatile and Suitable for Any Location​

Our portable CCTV tower is designed to adapt to all environments, utilizing solar power and wireless connectivity, making it suitable for everything from bustling parking lots to remote areas with no existing networks.

Effortless Remote Monitoring and Reporting

We've established a seamless 4G cloud connection that links our cameras, video management software, and analytic dashboard, ensuring reliable monitoring and real-time alerts in any environment.

Cost-Effective and Hassle-Free

Say goodbye to the costly and cumbersome process of installing and maintaining permanent infrastructure. Our portable CCTV tower offers a budget-friendly solution that's easy to set up, saving you time and resources while meeting health and safety requirements.

Easy and Rapid Installation

With no extensive installation or infrastructure demands, our solution can be swiftly set up and transported across your premises, assembled within just an hour.

Tailored Versatility for Your Needs

Whether you require enhanced security, improved health and safety measures, eco-friendly technology or data insights, our versatile system allows you to customize analytics to meet your specific requirements, ensuring an optimized, tailored solution. Discover the flexibility and efficiency our portable CCTV tower brings to your business.​

We offer smart, intuitive search tools that can transform time-intensive reviews of surveillance footage into fast answers, empowering security operators.

  • Search one or more cameras and specify a time range​
  • Find people and filter by apparent gender and clothing colour​
  • Locate vehicles based on type, colour or license plate​
  • Match against a reference image for people or vehicles

Video View

Create your preferred views, by customizing the layout and cameras to display.

    Map View

    Upload your floor plans and create detailed maps of the areas protected by your cameras and devices.  ​

      Smart Presence

      View your site maps and see where objects (people, vehicles) are as they move around your protected areas in real time.


        Create rules to generate alerts based on specified cameras (or camera groups), audio or visual events, and other selection criteria.

          Analytic Capabilities

          • Object Detection​
          • People Detection​
          • Vehicle Detection​​
          • Hi-Vis Detection
          • License Plate Recognition​
          • Blacklist and Whitelist Vehicles
          • Loitering
          • Line Crossing
          • Anomalies


          Whether your requirements revolve around security, health and safety, privacy, data analysis, or any other purpose, our Portable CCTV Tower is your ideal choice. Its versatile applications encompass:

          • Asset Monitoring​
          • Site Surveillance​
          • Temporary Oversight​
          • Deterrence of Unauthorized Activities and Behaviors​
          • Data Collection and In-depth Analysis for Practical and Actionable Insights​
          • Precise Object Identification, including People, Vehicles, and Anomalies​
          • License Plate Analysis and Alerting​
          • Detection of High Visibility (Hi-Vis) and Hard Hat Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)​
          • Timely Alerts and Notifications for Unusual Events or Scene Irregularities

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