Groupwide Policies

As a New Zealand-owned company, we're consciously aware of our role in preserving the environment. Our environmental policy focuses on utilising renewable resources to avoid the depletion of natural resources. Through coordinated efforts, the company seek to identify and recycle workplace materials and make economic and energy-efficient decisions in daily operations. To manage environmental risks on customer sites, our quality and safety systems ensure all staff and personnel involved with the contract are fully aware of the relevant risks and mitigations.

Fuel Efficient Vehicles

Since 2014, we have been shifting towards owning a fuel-efficient fleet. We are thrilled to have rolled out our new hybrid vehicles, and our first fully electric vehicle in our overall fleet. We will continue expanding and replacing our fleet with E-vehicles to reduce our carbon emissions.

Material Recycling

We pride ourselves on our group businesses’ commitment to recycling and repurposing project materials, with scrap copper, steel, cast, and more being recycled for cash. We further recycle computer equipment, photocopier cartridges, cardboard and other products in the office space to reduce unnecessary waste.

Energy Efficient Lighting

To reduce energy consumption, our standard office lighting is gradually being replaced with low-energy, LED lighting. Our lighting is bright and green, just like our future.

Crease-free Uniforms

A large range of our uniforms are also crease-free, eliminating the need for ironing, and therefore reducing energy consumption (as well as an additional morning task for staff). ​

These are also quick drying eliminating the need for electric driers, therefore saving more energy.

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