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How is CCTV useful?

CCTV systems provide round the clock surveillance. They can work to deter intrusions, as well as collect important evidence, helping keep your sites, assets, and ultimately your organisation secure.

Our high-calibre solutions can be implemented to suit a wide range of requirements. We’re also able to provide analytics and deeper insights through artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions.

We can detect objects, events, and behaviours in real-time, and also have licence-plate and facial recognition software to enhance your video management system.

Portable CCTV Tower

Revolutionise the way you monitor and secure your people, assets, and spaces with ASG Technologies' true Portable CCTV Tower System.

  • Robust and Durable Design for Tough Outdoor Conditions
  • Solar-Powered with Infrared Night-Time Vision​
  • Wireless Operation on 4G Network for Remote Sites​
  • Phone and Web App Accessibility​
  • 24/7 Motion Detection Recording​
  • Cloud-Native AI and Analytics for Actionable Insights​​
  • Stand-Alone Solution or Seamless Integration with Existing Technology Systems

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ASG Technologies Portable CCTV Tower

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Benefits of CCTV Systems

Deter crime and unauthorised access to your sites

Monitor comings and goings at your organisation, 24/7, in real-time

Collect and save footage as evidence in case of an incident

Provide enhanced safety for your staff and the public

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