Advanced Security Personelle testing voltage on access controls

How are they useful?

The first line of defence is one of the most important. Having physical perimeter solutions in place, like electric fences, disturbance sensors and cable detection, can help prevent security intrusions from occurring in the first place.

Together with our access control system readers and wireless Weigand access control devices, you can find peace of mind knowing your site is protected.

Benefits of Physical Perimeter Security Solutions

Add a physical, visual barrier around your important sites

Deter intrusions before they happen

Extra layer of protection, as part of your overall security solution

Minimise security risks and unauthorised access

Advancements in technology

Advanced Security are also able to offer a suite of LoRa wireless devices, including VigilFence and VigilReed. These can monitor remote doors, hatches and fences, up to 20km.

Each unit is fully encrypted and can be completely integrated with a security management system, such as Gallagher. These LoRa devices are our very own custom solutions, and are extremely cost-effective for detecting any unwanted facility intrusions.

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