Advanced Security Personelle testing voltage on access controls

Managed, monitored & maintained

We design infrastructure for businesses ranging from one to 2000+ people - some of our clients have networks spanning right across Aotearoa.

No matter your size or IT requirements, we'll support you to ensure you can maximise the benefits infrastructure elements provide to your business every day.

Our team can support your connectivity and telecommunications with data circuits and VOIP phone system that meets your business needs. All our solutions can be customised to your business needs, whether your team are based in one place, working remotely or spread across the country. We're in it for the long-haul and will support you from implementation, through to monitoring, maintenance and everything in between.

We’re official providers of a range of leading infrastructure solutions


Why choose IT Engine for your IT infrastructure?

We always follow best-practice installation and offer solid maintenance plans

Our strict protocols mean you’ll get the best value from your infrastructure investment

We’ll work with your business to maximise future-focused infrastructure decisions

You’ll receive only recognised business-grade products and robust, manageable infrastructure

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