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Our UAV inspection operations stand out due to our extensive knowledge and experience within complex industries, setting the stage for superb service delivery. We specialize in tailoring outcomes to meet your specific needs, ensuring that our services align precisely with the challenges unique to your industry. What distinguishes us is our adept ability to capture the condition of assets in real-time, employing cutting-edge technology to create digital twins. This innovative approach provides a comprehensive understanding of asset conditions, facilitating proactive maintenance and precise decision-making. With our commitment to tailored outcomes and digital twin capabilities, we offer a sophisticated and customised solution beyond standard inspections, providing a valuable edge in maintaining and optimizing your critical assets. 

Most importantly, we are a proudly CAA 102 certified business. 

UAV Inspections: Benefits

Enhanced Safety

UAV inspections significantly reduce the need for personnel to access hazardous or hard-to-reach locations physically, minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries. This is especially valuable in industries such as construction, energy, and infrastructure, where safety is paramount.


Using UAVs for inspections is often more cost-effective compared to traditional methods, such as manual labour or manned aircraft. Drones require less operational expenses and can cover large areas efficiently, resulting in significant cost savings.

Efficiency and Speed

UAVs can rapidly navigate through areas and structures, capturing high-resolution imagery and data in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional inspection methods. This efficiency leads to faster decision-making and quicker identification of potential issues.

Access to Inaccessible Areas

Drones can access challenging or remote locations that may be difficult or dangerous for humans to reach. This capability is particularly beneficial for inspecting tall structures, rooftops, or areas with complex terrain, providing a comprehensive view that may be otherwise impractical.

Detailed and Accurate Data

Equipped with advanced sensors and cameras, UAVs capture detailed and high-resolution data. This level of precision allows for accurate inspections, enabling the identification of even minor defects or issues that might be overlooked using traditional inspection methods.

Minimised Disruption

UAV inspections cause minimal disruption to normal operations, as they often do not require shutting down or interrupting activities. This is advantageous for industries like manufacturing, where continuous operations are crucial, as inspections can be conducted without affecting production schedules.

Industry Applications

Energy and Utilities

Power Line Inspections: UAVs are employed to inspect power lines and utility infrastructure, particularly in remote or challenging terrains, ensuring the integrity of the power distribution network. 

Wind Turbine Inspections: Drones can access the heights of wind turbines, capturing high-resolution images and data for maintenance assessments and defect detection. 

Rooftops and Greenhouses

Drones equipped can swiftly and comprehensively survey rooftops, identifying potential issues such as leaks, damage, or structural wear. In greenhouses, drone inspections enable the monitoring of crop health and infrastructure integrity, providing valuable insights for precision agriculture and proactive maintenance.


Building Inspections: UAVs provide a quick and comprehensive overview of construction sites, allowing for inspections of building exteriors, roofs, and other hard-to-reach areas for quality control and safety compliance. 

Bridge and Infrastructure Inspections: Drones are utilized to inspect bridges, tunnels, and other infrastructure elements, offering detailed visual data for structural assessments and maintenance planning.


Cell Tower Inspections: UAVs enable efficient inspections of cell towers, antennas, and communication equipment, facilitating routine maintenance, identifying defects, and optimizing network performance. 


Railway Inspections: Drones are employed to inspect railway tracks, bridges, and other infrastructure, providing a cost-effective solution for identifying potential issues and ensuring the safety of rail networks. 

Ports - Air and Sea

UAVs are used to assess runways, terminals, and other critical airport infrastructure, aiding in maintenance planning and ensuring compliance with safety standards. 

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With years of experience in the aerial survey domain, ASG Tech stands as a beacon of expertise and innovation. Our team of dedicated professionals, equipped with the latest technology, is committed to delivering excellence. Our portfolio of successful projects across various industries testifies to our competence and dedication in this space. 

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