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Facility Inspection and Maintenance

Businesses with extensive infrastructure, such as utilities, oil and gas facilities, and telecommunications networks, can utilize LEO satellite imagery for regular inspections. High-resolution images can help identify potential issues, such as equipment wear and tear, leaks, or structural damage. This proactive approach allows companies to schedule maintenance activities more efficiently, reducing downtime and the risk of unexpected failures. 

The Benefits

High-Frequency Revisit Capability

LEO satellites typically have short orbital periods, resulting in rapid revisit times. This frequent revisit capability enables near real-time monitoring, making it possible to detect changes, assess conditions, and respond quickly to evolving situations. 

High-Resolution Imaging

LEO satellites can capture high-resolution images, providing detailed and clear visuals of structures and facilities. This allows for precise analysis and identification of specific features, potential issues, or changes over time. 

Continuous Monitoring

LEO satellites can offer continuous monitoring of structures and facilities, allowing for ongoing assessment of conditions and performance. This continuous surveillance is particularly beneficial for critical infrastructure, where timely detection of issues is essential for maintenance and safety.

Versatility with Multispectral Data

LEO satellites can capture data in various spectrums, including visible, infrared, and thermal. This multispectral capability enables a more comprehensive analysis of structures, allowing for the identification of issues such as heat leaks, structural weaknesses, or environmental impacts.

Rapid Response and Manoeuvrability

LEO satellite imagery is invaluable in emergency response and disaster management. It provides quick assessments of damage to structures following events, facilitating rapid decision-making and efficient allocation of resources for rescue and recovery efforts.


Satellite-based surveys eliminate the need for physical presence on-site, reducing costs associated with travel, personnel, and equipment. The ability to cover large areas in a single pass enhances cost-effectiveness. 

Industry Applications

Energy Infrastructure (Oil and Gas, Power Plants)

  • Monitoring the condition of pipelines for signs of corrosion or damage. 
  • Inspecting the structural integrity of oil and gas facilities. 
  • Assessing power plant structures, including cooling towers and transmission lines.

Utilities and Grid Management

  • Inspecting electrical transmission and distribution lines for signs of wear or damage.
  • Monitoring the condition of utility poles and supporting structures.
  • Identifying potential issues with water and wastewater infrastructure.

Transportation (Railways, Highways, Bridges)

  • Inspecting railway tracks and infrastructure for defects. 
  • Monitoring the condition of bridges and tunnels for signs of deterioration. 
  • Assessing the structural integrity of highways and overpasses. 

Agriculture and Farm Infrastructure

  • Assessing the condition of agricultural buildings and storage facilities.
  • Monitoring the structural integrity of barns, silos, and other farm infrastructure. 


  • Inspecting the condition of cell towers and communication infrastructure. 
  • Assessing the structural stability of antennas and supporting structures. 

Construction and Engineering

  • Monitoring construction sites for compliance with design specifications.
  • Inspecting large construction projects for structural integrity. 
  • Assessing the condition of scaffolding and temporary structures. 

Government and Public Infrastructure

  • Inspecting public buildings, government offices, and monuments. 
  • Monitoring the structural health of public infrastructure such as stadiums and convention centres.

Disaster Response and Recovery

  • Assessing structural damage to buildings and infrastructure after natural disasters.
  • Monitoring the stability of structures in post-disaster recovery efforts. 

Industrial Facilities

  • Inspecting the structural health of manufacturing plants and industrial facilities.
  • Monitoring storage tanks, chimneys, and other critical structures. 

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Advanced Security Personelle testing voltage on access controls

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