Bad Behaviour Deterrence​

Wearing body cameras has a noticeable impact on the conduct of both those wearing the cameras and the general public. The knowledge that one's actions are being recorded creates a sense of being under digital surveillance. As a result, people are generally less inclined to engage in disruptive behaviour, and camera wearers tend to remain composed.

    Capture Valuable Video Evidence​

    A body-worn camera serves to document actions and gather evidence. It records the events and related incidents exactly as they were observed by the person wearing the camera and as they were heard by everyone involved. These recordings provide high-quality audio and video, which can be readily extracted for use in internal investigations and court proceedings.​

      Training and Development

      Video footage serves as a valuable resource for instructing personnel on how to handle situations they may encounter. For instance, one can analyse footage of an incident or utilize segments of an encounter to assess how staff would react to a similar set of circumstances without revealing the actual outcome. The data captured by body-worn cameras can also help identify hotspots, crime trends, and areas of concern in a business. ​

        Create a Sense of Safety​

        Body-worn cameras can enhance the sense of safety for both the individuals wearing them and the public. Wearers exhibit increased confidence in their roles, while the public experiences reduced apprehension, leading to a decreased likelihood of actions that could result in later regrets for either party.​

          Improve Accountability and Transparency ​

          In addition to creating a record of various events and interactions, body-worn cameras play a crucial role in ensuring accountability. They safeguard wearers, the public, and organizations from baseless accusations, fraudulent claims, and potential legal liabilities.​

            Accurate Documentation of Actions​

            Body-worn cameras excel in the accurate documentation of actions. They provide an objective, firsthand account of events, offering an unaltered and reliable record of encounters and activities. ​

              Advanced Security Personelle testing voltage on access controls

              Fit for Purpose

              • Records sharp video and clear audio from the wearers' perspective​​
              • Long battery life: up to 15h recording time in 1080p​​
              • Rapid offload and charge time ​
              • Enable and disable audio​
              • Fall detection analytic​
              • Up to 90-second buffer ​
              • Robust and water-resistant​
              • Assign multiple people or individuals ​
              • Compact and lightweight with multiple mounting accessories ​
              • Always ready to record​

              Easy to Use Interfaces​

              • Instant Access to Footage on mobile APP ​
              • Powerful and intuitive video management system ​
              • Review and export rapidly ​
              • Share Internally and externally effortlessly ​
              • Footage cannot be deleted or tampered with ​
              • Seamlessly Integrate with existing infrastructure and system ​
              • Scalable, Customisable and Flexible​
              • Secure Data Management and Cost-Effective Storage​

              • Swedish manufacturer of network cameras, access control, and network audio devices for the physical security and video surveillance industries​
              • Operates offices in more than 50 countries and employs over 3,800 people​
              • Owned by Canon Inc., Canon has a primary listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the TOPIX Core 30 and Nikkei 225 indexes  ​
              • Trustworthy manufacturer with a strong presence in the security market​
              • Best in Cyber Security ​
              • Open platform (AI integration)​
              • 3-year warranty on hardware​
              • Your data is YOUR data ​
              • Cost-Effective Data Management and Storage Solutions​
              • New Zealand-based technical support

              Industry Applications


              Emergency Services

              Transport and Logistics




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